Monday, September 14, 2009

Administrative update: Sober Look e-mail subscribers

A number of readers have been having problems receiving Sober Look posts via e-mail.

Issue # 1: Can't see graphic images in e-mail.

I. In Microsoft Outlook (the wonderful technology that hasn't changed much since the 90s).

A. Make sure the Reading Pane is on.

B. Select the Sober Look massage so that it shows up in Reading Pane, but don't open it yet.

C. Click on "Click here to download pictures"

II. In Gmail:

Issue # 2: Sometimes readers don't receive Sober Look e-mails at all even when there are new posts on the site.

Some firewalls and antivirus programs will completely prevent Sober Look e-mails from entering your inbox when there is an embedded video. This is due to the way FeedBurner (Google product) embeds the scripts in the e-mail. One way to get around that issue is to use FeedMyInbox instead of FeedBurner (you can unsubscribe from FeedBurner). The email is not as well formatted, but may be more "firewall friendly".

You can sign up for FeedMyInbox here:

Email Address:

(link to Feed My Inbox)

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