Monday, May 18, 2009

GLG - the "almost in the money" convert deal

GLG, the publically listed hedge fund manager just recently placed some convertable debt with the conversion strike of 3.72. The shares closed today at 3.70 (see the chart below).

Coincidence? Sounds like someone got themselves a sweet deal.

"May 18, 2009 (FinancialWire) -- GLG Partners, Inc. (NYSE: GLG), the U.S.-listed asset manager, has completed its private offering of $214 million aggregate of dollar-denominated convertible subordinated notes due 2014. The notes bear interest at a rate of 5.00% per year and rank junior in right of payment to all of GLG's existing and future senior indebtedness.

Noam Gottesman, chairman and co-CEO of GLG, Emmanuel Roman, co-CEO, and Pierre Lagrange, senior managing director of GLG Partners L.P. -- each a director of GLG -- purchased collectively $30 million of the notes from the initial purchasers as part of this offering, through certain of their affiliates.

The notes are convertible, at the option of the holder, into shares of GLG's common stock at an initial conversion rate of 268.8172 shares per $1,000 principal amount of notes, subject to certain adjustments. The initial conversion rate is equivalent to a conversion price of around $3.72 per share.

GLG used a portion of the net proceeds from the offering of the notes to acquire a portion of the indebtedness outstanding under its credit agreement in a transaction that closed concurrently with the closing of the note offering. Around $285 million of $570 million principal amount of loans outstanding under the credit facility were acquired at 60% of par value.

The company said that any proceeds not used to acquire its outstanding indebtedness will be used by GLG for general corporate purposes to the extent permitted under the credit agreement.

New York-based GLG Partners is a hedge fund manager that manages equity and fixed income portfolios and investment funds. The firm also invests in public equity fixed income, and in alternative markets through options, futures and convertibles. "

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