Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Join us at The Daily Shot

Please join us at The Daily Shot.

The Daily Shot® ( is a niche graphical newsletter (see sample) that is not meant for broad distribution. Our objective is to work with a small group of professionals who are interested in a brief unbiased daily overview of global macro currents. We do not offer investment advice or trading recommendations, and nothing in The Daily Shot® should be interpreted as such.

The Daily Shot® began as an internal daily memo at a multi-strategy hedge fund. The goal was to provide traders and analysts with a quick visual overview of key global macro trends. This daily memo was later made available to the fund’s clients, most of whom were institutional investors.

In 2014 we started distributing the Daily Shot® to a broader group of financial services professionals in areas such as wealth management, trading, risk/portfolio management, research, and regulation. In August of 2016, we joined forces with Dow Jones to offer The Daily Shot® to subscribers of the Wall Street Journal.

In 2020 The Daily Shot® became an independent, ad-free publication supported entirely by membership fees. Our subscribers include top hedge fund managers, institutional investors, wealth advisors, economists, and central bankers.

The Daily Shot® is edited by Lev Borodovsky, Ph.D., who has an extensive background in financial risk management, covering a broad array of markets and asset classes.